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Author: Baina Date: Aug 25, 2021

Cold Feed Rubber Extruder Machine Is Recommended

The main function of the cold feed rubber extruder machine is extrusion molding, and most of the rubber extruders for extrusion molding are cold feed rubber extruders. Cold feed is defined relative to hot feed, which means whether hot glue needs to be fed at the feeding port when the rubber extruder is working, or both hot and cold glue can be fed.

Generally, the way to distinguish between a cold-feed rubber extruder and a hot-feed rubber extruder is to see whether there is a forced feeding roller at the feeding port of the rubber extruder. The hot-feed rubber extruder uses the rotation of the screw. With rubber inside, the cold feed rubber extruder forcefully presses the rubber material in to make the barrel get enough rubber to meet the production of the rubber extruder.

Because of the stable feeding of cold-fed rubber extrusion equipment, the pressure of the rubber extruder head is constant, so the finished product is extruded stably without shaking or ups and downs during production.