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  • Stable product quality Stable product quality
    The company has rigorously implemented procedures for raw material supplier screening and review, incoming material detection and comparison, stable production process design and program control to make each batch of products more stable and traceable with efficient production control. We monitor the quality of inspection of each batch of products in strict accordance with the indicators of the suppliers.
  • Cost-effective Product Cost-effective Product
    Our company is well located and has a capable management team, reducing transportation and labor costs. We have also reduced production costs by strictly controlling procurement costs and implementing efficient production controls. Our professional R&D team and technical services team can continue to deliver more cost-effective products.
  • Continuous and reliable product supply. Continuous and reliable product supply.
    With its high production capacity, the company has a high degree of control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continued production.  Our complete ERP system, well-laid sales and warehousing network and efficient operating mechanism ensure that domestic orders are shipped within a week.
Zhejiang Baina Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Baina Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co.,Ltd.

BAINA's rubber technical experts and designers, aiming at the interests of their customers, closely cooperate and work together to continue technological innovation and introduce advanced technologies and equipment to produce high-quality products with high quality and efficiency.

Depending on the special conditions and requirements of the customer, we can tailor individual machines and turn-key projects.

BAINA's technical department has played a very important role in the success of the company. In its division, it is equipped with the necessary equipment to provide customers with a large number of new rubber formulations, products and component tests to optimize production equipment and production lines.

BAINA has the technical expertise to benefit its customers, the potential for continued innovation, reliable technology and high-quality equipment that prolongs the life of machines, and the goal of serving its customers. The strength of BAINA is demonstrated worldwide.


Social responsibility is not just about making personal profits, taking personal responsibility and developing personal business careers, it is the source of development, innovation and competitive enhancement of our businesses.

Rubber Extruder
  • Rubber continuous curing line, feed and subsequent equipment.
  • Rubber technology and turn-key project.
Zhejiang Baina Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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Baina specializes in the manufacture of rubber extrusion vulcanization equipment and promises to provide a turn-key program that includes the provision of related product formulations, mold development, personnel training, and more.

Although the markets, applications, and customers are different, Baina has a unique concept to guide the success of customers.

For any advice and feedback from the customer, we will respond patiently and meticulously .

For any inquiry from the customer, we will give a professional and reasonable price for the speed. For any new product of the customer, we will communicate with the customer very professionally, listen to the customer's opinion and give useful suggestions.

For any order from the customer, we will complete it on time and in quantity.

We take the time and effort to solve every problem, no matter how mundane it may be. We will always meet your requirements and you will find that we speak your language and understand your technical issues. That's why we've been so successful over the years with clients from more than 30 countries.

We are in the spirit of "pragmatic integrity, perseverance, teamwork, excellence" to create a core competitiveness and core value of the foundry industry. The company would like to sincerely invite prospective customers around the world to visit and cooperate well for a glorious future together.