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  • Consulting service: Users may call us at 0576-87685299/87685300 if you have any problems.
  • Warranty service: If there are any quality issues within the warranty period, users can go to their local after-sales service center to take advantage of warranty service; If there is no after-sales service centre in the local area, the user can call for a consultation.
  • Maintenance service: If there is any quality problem with the maintenance period, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or entrust the dealer to request the repair service.
Second, from the date of purchase, if the user has quality problems during normal use :
  • Free warranty within one year and limited maintenance within three years.
  • Partial damage is free of charge during the two-year warranty period.
Zhejiang Baina Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Baina Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  • The purchase date is subject to the purchase invoice date (no purchase invoice is subject to the date of manufacture).
  • If there is no barcode and serial number on the product, we do not undertake after-sales service obligations.
  • Quality issues do not include subjective objections to the user's personal sound quality, tone, etc.
  • Replacement and warranty service is valid only for general use: All man-made damages (such as user's own disassembly, improper connection, improper access to the voltage, failure to operate in accordance with the instructions), accidents such as transport, natural disasters and other force majeure, as well as repairs and modifications not approved by the Company and not included in the scope of the replacement will be charged appropriately as a free warranty repair service fee.
  • For discontinued models, our company only performs functional repairs (the appearance may differ from the original products)
  • Warranty service does not include housing, instructions, packaging.
Third, please bring the original warranty card and the original purchase invoice when requesting service. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoice properly. The warranty card must not be altered, otherwise it will be void.

Please read the product manual carefully before using products.

(Note: our company reserves the right of final interpretation of the product after-sales service regulations)