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Author: Baina Date: Nov 05, 2021

Encapsulation Process of Rubber Extruder

Many rubber extruder is composite rubber products, some are composite products in which two rubbers are compounded together, and many are produced by wrapping a layer of rubber with a certain material. For example, rubber wires or some steel pipes are wrapped with a layer of insulating rubber, no matter which product is produced, the production process is similar. We need to combine the products to choose a suitable type of rubber extruder, and then design the rubber product die according to the product structure. In the production process, the inner product is usually combined with the rubber extruded by the rubber extruder by pulling the inner product through the die. In this way, the purpose of wrapping rubber outside the product is achieved. This encapsulation process has a wide range of applications. When we produce products, we need to combine the types of products to formulate the process. Some products are a combination of two materials, and some are products formed by a combination of multiple materials. The production process is different.