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Author: Baina Date: Apr 22, 2022

Features and Applications of Rubber Extruder

Rubber extruders play an extrusion role in the production of rubber products. Extrusion molding is a high-efficiency, continuous, low-cost, and wide-ranging processing method, but people mistakenly believe that extrusion molding is a low-precision, low-value-added molding method.

With the increasing market demand for various high-precision products, such as optical fibers, medical catheters, audio-visual film bases, photographic film bases, and projection films, the market demand for a series of high-precision products is increasing. Requirements are also increasing. For some special processing and molding, such as the processing of some dangerous and toxic materials, the reaction extrusion process, etc., process parameters such as temperature, pressure, material residence time and its distribution need to be strictly controlled, as well as the heat transfer between the reaction material and the outside world, etc. It is often incompetent to use ordinary extruders, and precision extrusion molding machines provide necessary equipment conditions for various complex reaction extrusion processes.

In actual production, the temperature of the equipment is directly related to the pressure inside the extruder barrel, so the temperature control system of the equipment has very strict requirements on the equipment. When we choose rubber extruder equipment, we should choose the configuration and production process of the equipment according to the accuracy and structure required by the actual product.

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