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Author: Baina Date: Dec 25, 2020

Function of the Rubber Extruder Machine Die

The rubber extruder machine plays the role of extrusion molding in production. We have mixed the rubber extruder head, rubber extruder die head and rubber extruder head together many times. In fact, the rubber extruder head and rubber extruder head refer to the rubber extruder itself. Because the rubber extruder is used for extrusion molding, the rubber extruder is usually used as a production station to produce rubber products. We call it rubber extruder head or rubber extruder head. But the rubber extruder die head is very different from the rubber extruder. The rubber extruder head is one of the parts of the rubber extruder itself. The die head of the rubber extruder is installed at the front end of the screw of the rubber extruder, and is responsible for processing rubber extrusion molding. In the production of rubber products, the rubber is usually cut into a film suitable for the extrusion width of the rubber extruder, and then the rubber is heated by the temperature control system through the feeding system. After heating, the flowability of the rubber is improved, and with the extruder screw The rotation continuously mixes and compresses the rubber. Extrude the rubber onto the mold of the rubber extruder, extrude the shape of the product we need, and make the rubber extruder complete the production of the product.