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Author: Baina Date: Oct 19, 2021

How Do Rubber Extruder Machine Start Working?

The rubber extrusion process of rubber extruder machine begins with a rubber compound being fed into an extruder. The material is fed into a feed hopper, which takes the material and feeds it into various flutes in a revolving screw. The screw will begin to carry the rubber forward into the die, with an increase in pressure and temperature occurring as the material gets closer to the die itself.

Once the material reaches the die, the built-up pressure forces the material through the openings, where it will consequently swell to various degrees based on the material compound and hardness. Because of this tendency toward swelling, many extruded parts require plus or minus tolerances on their cross sections. During vulcanization, the extruded rubber will swell or shrink in both its cross section and its length, depending on the type of rubber compound used.

After vulcanization, a length of rubber extrusion will tend to be reduced in dimension more in the center of the length than in the ends.