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Author: Baina Date: Mar 04, 2022

What are the Uses of Rubber Extruder?

Rubber extruder plays a role in extrusion molding in the production of rubber products. Many rubber products are inseparable from rubber extruder during production. The types of rubber extruders are classified according to their functions. For example, some rubber products need vacuum exhaust during production. For example, when rubber sealing strips are produced, they need to use a vacuum pump for vacuuming operations. is not required. Therefore, when we produce rubber sealing strips, we generally use vented rubber extruders for production.

In addition, some products have higher requirements for product quality during production. We usually use pin-type rubber extruder for production, such as rubber cables, rubber tubes, rubber soft tires, etc. These products have relatively high requirements for product quality. Therefore, the use of the rubber extruder is related to the functional configuration of the root equipment.

In addition, the rubber extruder is usually used as a preforming equipment in addition to the extrusion of rubber products. For example, the preforming extruder is also a type of rubber extruder, and the rubber filter machine is also a type of rubber extruder. Therefore, rubber extruder has a wide range of uses. We must choose the type and function of the equipment according to the actual use of the product. Because of this, there are many configurations of equipment, and the cost of rubber extruders with different configurations is different, and the price of equipment varies greatly.

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