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Author: Baina Date: Jan 29, 2019

Screw type

The rubber extruder that appeared in 1870 was a hot feed extruder. The rubber compound it feeds must be hot-smelted, and the feed is uniform, stable, and constant, and the material temperature is maintained at 50 to 70 °C. The screw is short, the thread groove is deep, and the homogenization effect is not ideal. Since the 1970s. At one time, the aspect ratio became smaller. Since the hot feed extruder can be continuously extruded, the operation is simple, the production efficiency is high, and the shape of the extruded product is stable, the hot feed extruder is still used in the production process of many products. It is used in the production of tires for the extrusion of various types of treads, various types of glues, and for the extrusion of rubber and rubber in the production of hoses, cables and other rubber products.