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Author: Baina Date: Aug 12, 2020

Main Elements of A Rubber Extruder

A rubber extruder has two main elements. These are the cold end and hot end. The cold end refers to the upper portion of the 3D printer extruder system where the filament is fed. On the contrary, the hot end is where the filament gets melted and squirted out.

Cold end
The cold end consists of stepper motor, some toothed gearing, hobbed bolt or gear, spring loaded idler to hold the filament and PTFE tubing to guide the filament.

In the cold end, the stepper motor drives the motion and extrusion of the filament for most of the desktop 3D printers. It is a brushless DC motor that is responsible for achieving high level of precision. It works on small movements and imparts full torque at low speeds.

Hot end
If the cold end manipulates the filament as required by the 3D printer, the hot end, on the other hand, is where the filament passed for melting and extrusion onto the print end.

In the hot end, the filament should pass into a heated chamber where it transitions from solid to liquid. For a Bowden 3D printer extruder, a filament feed tube inserts the filament directly into the heat break through the heat sink.

During the printing process, the filament travels from the cold end into the hot end. It will then go through the heat break where it meets the nozzle. This is where the filament liquifies.

One of the integral components of the hot end is the nozzle. It is a small piece with a hole where the melted filament comes out. It is usually screwed into the hot end heater block. Nozzles are typically interchangeable. It comes in various sizes but the normal size is 0.4mm.

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