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Author: Baina Date: Jul 02, 2020

Main Molding Equipment,Into An Rubber Extruder

  The presses heating method with steam heating or electrical heating we can as our clients required to design.And opens to one side to allow easy entry of the oven trolley.The rubber vulcanizing machine is the main molding equipment for various rubber molded vulcanized products and non-molded rubber products.

  The rubber extrusion process begins with a rubber compound being fed into an rubber extruder.The rubber extruder works as per dry heat sterilization to sterilize the products effectively.

  The precision calender besides has the ordinary calender main spare part and the equipment.Its characteristics include a simple structure, high pressure, wide applicability and high efficiency.

  Available with support rolls, conveyors, doors for easy access to the oven interior, epdm extruder, threader.Rubber hot air oven is divided into room temperature vulcanization and heat vulcanization.A hot air oven is a type of dry heat sterilization.