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Author: Baina Date: Jun 02, 2020

Our Microwave Curing Oven Are Hollow

  The screw will begin to carry the rubber forward into the die.Furthermore, the decibel level created.Use polyurethane material sealing ring between piston and hydraulic cylinder with good sealing property.With our rubber extruder is much less versus other alternatives, like granulators.

  Microwave curing oven is most common process used for variety of application.We put asbestos board between plate and top crossing, table, for its good heat insulation.In contrast, microwave technology produces uniform volumetric heating.Our microwave curing oven are hollow, stainless steel boxes.

  This aids the rubber extruded profiles to maintain its shape and acquire necessary physical properties.Plastics, metal fabrication and even food use the extrusion process.

  The decibel level created with our rubber extruder machine is much less versus other alternatives.Thermal energy is transferred to the material that can absorb it at specific frequencies.