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Author: Baina Date: Apr 09, 2020

Our Microwave Curing Oven Guarantees Your Production Efficiency

  A vast array of products is made with vulcanized rubber including tires, automotive weather strips, sealings, shoe soles, hoses, and hockey pucks.As better quality control, optimization of materials in the mix design, and high-performance concrete are specified for salt bath curing line.Often people need cavities to be taller than a standard off the shelf microwave.We can help reduce total production costs by reducing on-hand inventory requirements and increasing final yields.

  microwave curing oven of adhesives is a commercially important process that is used in a number of practical settings.Microwave curing oven with an overall energy efficiency of about 50% relative to the 10% to 30% achieved with fuel-fired processes.Microwave ovens are found in almost every home.Continuous rubber hose production line are able to process more product with less labor.

  The Bulk heating property of Microwaves combined with the rapid heating phenomenon makes microwave curing oven an ideal choice for rubber and rubber like materials.Microwave heating and curing techniques are continually being refined and applied to more products.Microwave curing oven also provided a shorter cure time and an equivalent degree of conversion.