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Author: Baina Date: Nov 04, 2020

Pricing of Rubber Extruder

The rubber extruder play an important role in the production of rubber products. Many of our common rubber products are extruded by rubber extruders. When we purchase a rubber extruder, we must choose the configuration and model of the rubber extruder according to the type of product. When we purchase rubber extruders, we need to evaluate the price of the equipment according to the configuration of the equipment, because the prices of rubber extruders with different models and configurations are different. For example, the price of a 90-type rubber extruder ranges from several thousand yuan per unit to several hundred thousand yuan per unit. Because of the different uses, the configuration requirements of the equipment used in the production of the product are also different. In this case, The production cost of the equipment will be different, which will cause the price of the equipment to be different.

There are many factors that affect the price of rubber extruders. In addition to the direct factor of equipment configuration, the additional price of the equipment brand, the consumption level of the equipment manufacturer, and the market share of the equipment will all affect the price of the equipment. When we purchase rubber extruders, we should not blindly pursue the price of the equipment. We need to comprehensively consider the strength of the equipment manufacturer, because we will be the chairman of the follow-up service, after-sales and accessory supply after we purchase the equipment. Time to deal with equipment manufacturers. So we must consider many aspects when purchasing rubber extruders