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Author: Baina Date: Apr 09, 2021

Temperature Design of Rubber Extruder Machine

We know that the rubber extruder machine plays a role in extrusion molding in the production of rubber products, and plays an important role in the actual production of products. However, the design of the rubber extruder used in the production of different products is also different. In addition, the production temperature of the equipment used in the production of different rubber types or products is also different. For example, the equipment we usually use when producing EPDM rubber sealing strips is a vented cold feed rubber extruder. When producing products, the rubber extruder needs to be heated first, and the equipment can be fed when the temperature rises to the temperature value we need. Then the products we need are obtained after processing by the extruder screw.
The temperature control range for rubber extrusion we used here is a maximum value and a minimum value. The temperature of each temperature section designed in the equipment barrel is also set according to actual needs. The same type of silicone rubber extruder generally has two temperature control sections. When we produce silicone rubber, because the silicone rubber is relatively soft and the silicone is easy to vulcanize, we usually need to adjust the various temperature control sections of the silicone rubber extruder. The design is lower than the production of EPDM rubber. Therefore, when designing the extrusion temperature of rubber products, we must set it according to the actual situation. If the temperature is set too low, the rubber cannot be fully plasticized, which increases the load of the extrusion equipment, and also affects the extrusion molding of the product. If the temperature of the rubber extruder is set too high, the rubber will be vulcanized in the barrel or scorched, which will cause undesirable consequences.