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Author: Baina Date: Mar 19, 2020

The Best Rubber Extruder Here

  There are many vulcanization methods, among which the most popular technology is based on convection ovens, using rubber hot air oven as a carrier for transporting heat.We offer a wide collection of rubber hot air oven that is offered to our customers.Rubber hot air oven is an electrical device which uses dry heat to sterilize.

  Rubber generally conforms to possible deterioration due to many reasons.Full length duct design delivers heat to the rubber extruder continuously along the entire length of the curing oven.Rubber and rubber extruder are not good conductors, resulting in uneven distribution of heat thus obtaining a uniform vulcanized product is very difficult, especially inside a profile.Other industries which require high baking environment.Two localities were chosen, one of which has a dry climate, the other heavy rainfall and high humidity.

  It has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.Heating the entire perimeter of the extrusion evenly.One could make a comparison of the aging of rubber compounds under tropical and other conditions.