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Author: Baina Date: Oct 09, 2021

The Current Situation of Domestic Rubber Extruder Use

With the appearance and widespread use of cold-feed rubber extruder, the scale of application of hot-feed extruders is gradually decreasing. The rubber extruder is developed from hot feed to cold feed, and cold feed pin extruder has become the main stream of development. At present, pin extruders have been widely used in my country's rubber industry, covering tire treads, radial tire sidewalls, bead rubber, various rubber tubes and inner lining films, etc., which are imported and domestically produced. The screw diameter is 85-250m and the length-diameter ratio is 12-16. Pin cold feed extruder has many advantages over hot feed extruder and general cold feed extruder. In the past ten years, it has been widely used in the production of my country's rubber industry and its usefulness has continued to expand. The pin-type cold feed extruder introduced early in the country is mainly used for the production process of rubber core and encapsulation in the production of radial tire tread rubber and rubber hose production. Most of today's semi-steel and all-steel radial tire treads are produced using pin-type cold feed extruders. In the production process of bias tires and other rubber products, many manufacturers have chosen pin-type cold feed extruders. In the production of the rubber industry, the traditional production process is that the extruder is used as the molding extrusion process equipment. The pin-type cold feed extruder has been widely used for the calendering of steel wire and fiber cord due to its large extrusion capacity and good plasticizing effect. Glue supply for machine and airtight layer film calender. In recent years, the pin-type cold feed extruder has also been used for rubber straining, and has been well received by users.

The pin-type cold-feed internal compound extruder has also been widely used in the production of radial tires, and has become the key equipment for the production of radial tires. Although some companies still use the off-machine compound extrusion process in production, they follow new technologies and new processes. With the improvement and renewal, and the development of the market economy, the old production technology and equipment will be screened, and the internal compound extruder is the inevitable development direction of the compound production process.

However, currently, hot-feed extruders still occupy a large share in my country's rubber industry production enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, the hot-feed extrusion process that uses open mills to supply rubber accounts for about 70% of the domestic production. Many old rubber production companies in my country use extrusion equipment from the 50s of the 20th century, and the technology and equipment are backward. Some companies think that the old extrusion equipment has certain advantages, such as good dispersion, good operability, and skilled operators. However, the advantages of pin-type cold-feed extruders are greater than those of hot-feed extruders. Come out.

The development direction of the extruder has great potential for development. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for the technical transformation of the extrusion process in my country's rubber production enterprises to further promote the use of pin-type cold feed extruders.