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Author: Baina Date: Jun 25, 2021

Trouble Analysis of Heating of Flat Rubber Vulcanizing Machine Motor

The motor of rubber vulcanizing machine plays a very important effect in the automatic flat vulcanizing machine, but the motor often heats up during long-term use. There are many reasons for the heating of the automatic flat vulcanizing machine motor. Today, we will talk about the failure analysis of the automatic flat vulcanizing machine motor heating. I hope I can bring you some help.

1.Overload: Use a clamp meter to detect the normal current of the four-column hydraulic machine motor. If the current load of the motor is accidentally large or small, the hydraulic pressure may be increased; if it is just turned on The current is relatively large, and the current is too high when the current of the hydraulic system does not start to run, which indicates that the motor is faulty.
2.The bearing is stuck. Check whether the bearing of the motor of the hydraulic system of the vulcanizing press is stuck and the rotor is swept. The operator can also judge this fault by sound.
3.The voltage fluctuates greatly. The voltage fluctuation of the power grid will cause the motor to heat up, which can be distinguished by testing with a multimeter. It may also be caused by the high resistance of the hydraulic pump, the mismatch of the motor and the pump, the deterioration of the motor insulation, and the incorrect reinstallation after disassembly.
4.Poor heat dissipation. Check if the surrounding area of ​​the motor is covered by dust and other objects, which may cause the normal heat dissipation. In this case, ensure ventilation and replace the fan blades.

The motor heating of the automatic flat vulcanizing machine system is mostly caused by the above reasons. In order to deal with the motor heating failure in time, the cause of the failure should be repaired in time. That's it for the introduction of the above editor. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to inquire.