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Author: Baina Date: Feb 03, 2021

Type Selection of Rubber Extruder Machine

The type classification of rubber extruder is classified according to the diameter of the extruder screw. For example, the screw diameter of the 90 type rubber extruder is 90mm. Different types of rubber extruders have different models. The best extrusion equipment Out of range is also different. Different rubber extruders choose different types of rubber extruders during production. When choosing a rubber extruder, we must choose a suitable type of rubber extruder in addition to the appropriate type of rubber extruder. Out of the machine for production. For example, when we produce rubber sealing strips, we choose a vacuum exhaust rubber extruder to extrude the product. This is because the vacuum pump is used to extract the waste gas in the extruder barrel.

Avoid air holes in the product and improve the quality of the rubber sealing strip. However, when the rubber tube or rubber cable is produced, we usually use pin rubber extruders to extrude the products we need, because the pin rubber extruder can increase the rubber when extruding rubber products. The compactness can improve the physical properties of the product. So when we choose a rubber extruder, we must decide which rubber extruder to choose according to the type of product we intend to produce. We must use the rubber extruder that is most suitable for our products to produce products.