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Author: Baina Date: Jun 10, 2020

Various Rubber Vulcanizing Machine Products

  The rubber vulcanizing machine is the main molding equipment for various rubber vulcanizing machine products and non-molded rubber products.Rubber vulcanizing machine has been a vastly popular application of rubber vulcanizing.

  The rubber extruder works as per dry heat sterilization to sterilize the products effectively.Services include system designing, installation, rental services & flat bed lamination.

  We put asbestos board between plate and top crossing, table, for its good heat insulation.The unique Variable Frequency Microwave process technique for the selective, rapid, and uniform procesing of materials.

  Its characteristics include a simple structure, high pressure, wide applicability and high efficiency.And high frequency energy by the intermolecular frictions.These rubber hose production line are used to cure these coatings or other materials onto the parts.

  We offer a wide collection of epdm extruder that is offered to our customers.Hot air oven contains an insulated cabinet kept at constant temperature by electric heating mechanism and thermostat.An air circulating fan helps in uniform distribution of the heat.