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Author: Baina Date: Aug 14, 2020

What Are Applications Of Rubber Curing Oven?

Industrial ovens are large and heated chambers wherein materials are put to be baked, heated or hardened. These equipment (differing in size, shape and features) are known for their multiple industrial applications in sectors like chemical processing, food and beverage, electronic industry, aerospace and automobile industries and so on. This blog will specifically discuss one of the significant types of industrial ovens, which are called commercial curing ovens.

To know about curing ovens, we would first need to know about the process of curing and its importance in industrial applications.

What is Curing?

In simple terms, curing is a very common chemical process that toughens and hardens materials by using an intense level of heat and chemical particles. Now, this specific amount of heat along with the chemical additives leads to a desirable chemical reaction, which cross-links the polymer chains of the materials. This in turn hardens the materials to a required favorable extent.

industrial curing ovens

The process of curing produces composite materials out of two or more constituent materials after treating the latter with heat and chemicals. This entire process takes place inside an industrial or commercial curing oven. These composite materials are then used in different industrial sectors to manufacture products, tools or devices, which are expected to be hard, durable, resistant to harsh weather and extreme temperature, and yet lightweight.

The most commonly used components in the curing process are:

Fiber reinforced polymers
Ceramic matrix composites
Engineered woods such as plywood, wood plastic composites, and oriented strand boards
Glass reinforced plastics
Metal matrix composites
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Industrial curing ovens and its types are required for a number of applications such as annealing, drying, pre-heating, and powder-coating of materials before they are ready for further manufacturing processes.

The industries served by curing ovens are:

Defense and Military
Ships and boats
Food and Beverage
Home Appliances
Bench Top Curing Ovens: Why are they gaining steady importance?

The present era is an advocate of everything ‘small’ and portable; especially when it comes to technology and machineries. Being small and easily transportable, bench top curing ovens are gaining rapid importance for carrying out numerous relevant applications such as baking, drying components after cleaning, processing large parts, dehydration, pre-heating, curing and so on. Moreover, bench top curing ovens are more economical than their counterparts, both in terms of space and cost. These are easy to operate, store, clean, and accommodate. The number of favorable models available under this type of oven makes it even more convenient to get relevant and maximum results out of the specific model.

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