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Author: Baina Date: Nov 25, 2022

What are the Auxiliary Equipment of the Rubber Extruder?

What is the auxiliary equipment of the extruder? The auxiliary equipment of the rubber extruder mainly includes a pay-off device, a straightening device, a preheating device, a cooling device, a traction device, a meter counter, a spark tester, and a wire take-up device. The use of the extrusion unit is different, and the auxiliary equipment used for matching is also different, such as cutters, blow dryers, printing devices, etc.

Straightening device: in the type of rubber extrusion waste. The common one is eccentricity, and various types of bending of the core are one of the important reasons for insulation eccentricity. In sheath extrusion, scratches on the sheath surface are also often caused by the bending of the cable core. Therefore, straightening devices in various extrusion units are indispensable. The main types of straightening devices are drum type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley block); winch-type, which also plays multiple roles such as dragging, straightening, and stable tension; Pressure wheel type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type), etc.

Cooling device: After the formed rubber extruded cladding leaves the machine head, it should be cooled and shaped immediately, otherwise it will be deformed under the action of gravity. The cooling method usually adopts water cooling and can be divided into rapid cooling and slow cooling according to different water temperatures. Rapid cooling is direct cooling with cold water. Rapid cooling is beneficial to the shaping of the rubber extrusion cladding, but for crystalline polymers, due to sudden heat cooling, it is easy to retain internal stress inside the extruded cladding tissue, resulting in cracks during use. Generally, PVC The plastic layer is quenched. Slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of the product. The water of different temperatures is placed in the cooling water tank in sections to make the product gradually cool down and shape. The extrusion of PE and PP is carried out by slow cooling, that is, through hot water, warm water, and cold water. Three stages of cooling.

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