Baina Rubber Extruder Machine Has Important Role

Update: 24 Mar,2021
Abstract: The rubber extruder machine is the basic equipment of the rubber industry and one of the key equipm...

The rubber extruder machine is the basic equipment of the rubber industry and one of the key equipment that affects the quality of the product. It plays a very important role in the production process of tires and rubber products. The development of foreign rubber extruders has experienced experienced plunger extruders, screw hot-feed extruders, ordinary cold-feed extruders, main and auxiliary screw cold-feed extruders, and cold-feed extruders. Air extruder, pin cold feed extruder, compound extruder and other stages.

The extruder originated in the 18th century. The manual piston extruder used to make seamless lead pipes manufactured by Joseph Bra mah of England in 1795 is considered to be the first extruder in the world. Since then, in the first 50 years of the 19th century, extruders were basically only used for the production of lead pipes, macaroni and other food processing, brick and ceramic industries.

Since the 1950s, some rubber extruder manufacturers in my country have successively developed hot-feed extruders, which are widely used in tires, hoses, plastics and other industries. The development of needle cold feed extrusion technology in China began in 1984 and has a history of more than 20 years. After continuous improvement and perfection of thread structure, thread parameters, pin configuration and quantity, temperature control and feed methods, the technology has finally gained international recognition. The pin-type cold feed extruder has become the leading product in the extruder market.

Because in the production of bias tires and radial tires, the production of treads, sidewalls and apex and other parts mostly use composite extrusion technology, so two types of composites, three composites or four composite pin cold feeds at home and abroad Material extruder also came into being. my country's composite extrusion technology has become increasingly mature, and the design and manufacturing level of composite extrusion presses has reached the international advanced level. It can not only provide various combinations of composite extruders, but also export to famous foreign tire companies.

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