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Author: Baina Date: Mar 17, 2021

Extrusion Movement of A Rubber Extruder

Baina rubber extruder is also a kind of rubber machinery, it can make the material fully plasticized, evenly mixed, and formed by the mold.

The rubber extruder is a process in which plastic is continuously produced into semi-finished products of different shapes through the action between the cylinder wall of the plastic extruder and the rubber screw. The extrusion process is also known as the extrusion process. It is widely used in the manufacture of treads, inner tubes, rubber tubes and various cross-sectional shapes of complex or hollow, solid semi-finished products. It can also be used for plastic filtration, granulation, raw rubber molding, and the connection of upper and lower processes. Such as auxiliary mixing under the mixer, glue supply to the calender after heating, etc.

After the rubber enters the rubber extruder to form a viscous fluid, due to the axial force generated by the rotation of the screw, the plastic rubber is further pushed forward, and the rubber is further homogenized and melted, just like a normal nut moves in the axial direction. However, unlike nut movement, rubber is a viscoelastic material. During the movement of the screw, due to mechanical and thermal effects, its viscosity changes and gradually changes from viscoelastic body to viscous fluid. Therefore, the movement of rubber in the rubber extruder is like the flow of fluid, that is, the movement of rubber in the rubber extruder not only has the characteristics of solid movement in the axial direction, but also the characteristics of fluid flow.