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Author: Baina Date: Mar 10, 2021

Our Rubber Extruder Machine Production Line Could Be Your Choice

The equipment used in the production of rubber sealing strip extrusion production line consists of a rubber extruder, a hot air vulcanizing box and a cooling traction equipment. And because of the different types of sealing strips, the production equipment used is also different. The single extrusion sealing strip production line is formed by a rubber extruder, and then vulcanized by a 30-meter hot air vulcanizing box to obtain the products we need. The other is the composite sealing strip, which can be divided into two production lines, two composite sealing strips and three composite sealing strips. The second composite rubber extrusion line is produced by two rubber extruders co-extrusion, and then vulcanized by a hot air vulcanizing box. In addition to these three composites, there are some auxiliary equipment, such as a punching machine, a forming machine, a belt breaking machine and a steel belt storage rack. The composition of the equipment is selected according to the type of product. Hebei Weiyuan Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of extruders. The equipment produced by the company includes rubber extruders, plastic extruders, sealing strip production lines, luminous edge strip extruders, rubber strainers, and rubber cutting machines. Friends in need can come to the company for inspection and visit, or call for consultation.

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