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Author: Baina Date: May 26, 2021

Be Careful In Choosing Rubber Extruder Machine

The rubber extruder machine play an important role in the production of rubber products. Most rubber products are extruded through rubber extruders during production. However, due to the different types and structures of rubber products during production, the model and configuration of the rubber extruder used during production are different. When we purchase a rubber extruder, we must choose a rubber extruder suitable for the production of rubber products according to the product. We feed back the product information we produce to the rubber extruder manufacturer and let them formulate a feasible plan for product production for us, including equipment configuration, technical function parameters, and equipment quotation. We analyze the plans of each manufacturer, and then find a manufacturer that fits our psychological expectations for on-site inspections. When we purchase equipment, we also consider the comprehensive strength of the rubber extruder manufacturer in addition to the equipment. For example, the follow-up installation and after-sales service and the follow-up supply of accessories.

When we consider the extruder manufacturer, we must first see whether the configuration of the equipment is consistent with the configuration in the configuration plan, and then whether the equipment structure is reasonable and the operability is simple. Then we can ask the manufacturer to take us to the customer for on-site inspections, and see how the production status of the equipment is from the actual production, and finally we can determine which equipment meets our psychological expectations.