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Author: Baina Date: Jun 04, 2021

How to Select Rubber Extruder Die?

The die of the rubber extruder is designed according to the structure and cross-sectional shape of the produced product. Our common rubber products can be divided into single extrusion products and composite products according to the structure of the product. The development of the die for single-extrusion rubber products is relatively simple compared to composite products. For example, door and window sealing strips are a kind of single-extrusion sealing strips. We need to combine rubber extrusions before producing this product. Out of the machine die head to customize the size of the mouth mold. Then design the opening of the product according to the shape of the product. Generally, the expansion ratio of the EPDM rubber product is 1:1, and it can be directly cut on the mold sheet into the product shape we need according to the size of the product. As for the extrusion production of rubber tubes, it is necessary to combine the mouth shape of the product to weld the mold to form the core to ensure that the rubber is tubular when it is extruded through the mold. Therefore, the choice of mouth mold is designed according to the product.

As for some composite products, the development of molds is more complicated when they are produced. We need to consider the direction of the material path of the rubber extruded by the two or more rubber extruders connected in the die, as well as the rubber extrusion. The pressure at the time is equalized. Therefore, the development of molds is very rigorous, and we need to be precise in all aspects to extrude into the product shape we need. When we choose the material of the rubber extruder mold, we must choose corrosion resistance, and the high temperature, high hardness and wear-resistant material can ensure the life of the mold in the long-term extrusion production.