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Author: Baina Date: Jun 09, 2021

Common Uses of Rubber Extruder

Our common rubber extruder can be divided into cold-feed rubber extruders and hot-feed rubber extruders according to different feeding methods. Cold-feed rubber extruders are often used for direct extrusion molding of products. They are often used for rubber machinery that extrudes treads, inner tubes, hoses and various rubber profiles. It is also used for coating cables and wire products. The common one is the screw extruder. When it is working, the rubber material is stirred, mixed, plasticized and compacted in the barrel by the rotation of the extruder screw, and then moves to the direction of the machine head, and finally extrudes a certain amount from the mouth. Shaped product. The function of the rubber extruder is to compress and mix the raw materials in the screw barrel, and finally extrude them.

In addition, some rubber products need to be pre-formed and extruded during production. The equipment used for pre-formed extrusion is usually called a pre-formed extruder. In addition to being used for product extrusion, rubber extruders are usually used as filters. For example, reclaimed rubber strainers are a large-scale rubber extruder. It is just a kind of rubber extruder customized according to the purpose of the equipment. Therefore, the use of rubber extruder is very wide, and we need to choose according to our actual situation when we choose rubber extruder.