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Author: Baina Date: Jul 15, 2022

Cooling System for Plastic Extrusion Equipment

Plastic extruders play an important role in the production of plastic products. Our common plastic sealing strips, plastic pipes, plastic wires, etc. are all extruded by plastic extruders. In the production process of the plastic extruder, the temperature needs to be set according to the melting point of the plastic raw material. We need to control the temperature of the barrel of the plastic extruder within the range to ensure the uniform stability of the plastic product extrusion.

Before the production of the plastic extruder, the screw of the equipment must be heated by a heating ring. When the temperature rises to the temperature we set, we can start the plastic extruder and fill the feeding system with plastic pellets. With the rotation of the screw of the plastic extruder, the raw materials in the screw barrel are continuously subjected to a series of processing such as shearing and compression, so that the equipment will generate its own temperature during the production process.

With the non-stop operation of the equipment, the temperature of the equipment will continue to rise, but if the temperature of plastic products is too high, the performance of the raw materials will change, and in serious cases, scorch will even occur directly in the screw of the plastic extruder.  So we need to cool down the device when the temperature reaches a certain value. Plastic extruders generally use fans to cool down the temperature of the screw barrels, which is what we call an air cooling system.

Each fan controls the temperature of a temperature section. During the production process, the equipment is usually cooled all the time without heating. The screw extruder relies on the pressure and shear force generated by the rotation of the screw, so that the material can be fully plasticized and uniformly mixed, and formed through the die.

However, the configuration requirements of the equipment are also different when producing different products. We need to choose the configuration of the plastic extruder according to the actual needs. Extrusion equipment for transparent sealing strips Our common extrusion equipment for transparent sealing strips. Among our common sealing strips, the transparent sealing strip is a very common product, and the most common one is the transparent sealing strip made of PVC.

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