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Author: Baina Date: Jul 22, 2022

The Process of Debugging Operation of Rubber Extruder

After years of development, the rubber extruder has developed from the original single-screw to twin-screw and multi-screw and has become a very good machine for the production of plastic products. Before running, it needs to be debugged. Do you know what the specific process is? Is it right?

The steps for debugging the rubber extruder are as follows:

1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the temperature control to ensure that the temperature control is normal, the instrument is normal, and the cooling water path is smooth;

2. The screw, barrel and die head of the rubber extruder need to be heated. Generally, after the temperature reaches a suitable temperature, keep warm for a while before starting the machine;

3. Make sure that the screw connections of each part of the head should be tightened while hot;

4. At the beginning of extrusion, the speed of the screw should not be too fast to prevent overload, but it needs to be slowly accelerated;

5. When starting up, add a small amount of material, and gradually increase the amount of material after the various table values ​​are stable;

6. If the parison is not formed at the entrance end of the setting die, you can use a tool to poke some small holes at the entrance end;

7. If the blocking die is encountered but not blocked, the setting table can be moved back or the traction speed can be increased;

8. When the rubber extruder is stopped, it is necessary to drain the remaining material inside the barrel, then stop, and pull the machine to preheat, remove the die head and clean it.

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