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Author: Baina Date: Aug 05, 2022

The Composition and Equipment of the Rubber Extruder

Our common extruders include plastic extruders and rubber extruders. No matter which extruder is used in the production of products, the function is the same. Generally, the extruder is used in the extrusion of products. The above production plays the role of an extrusion moulding. Let's take a rubber extruder as an example to illustrate the basic structure of some extruders.

We know that there are many types of rubber extruders, but no matter which type of rubber extruder is used, the basic components are basically the same. Only after the required temperature can the equipment be started and filled with raw materials.

In the process of rubber extruder processing, it is necessary to control the temperature within a certain range to ensure that the various properties of the rubber remain normal, so the rubber extruder must have a temperature control part. The rubber enters the screw barrel through the feeding system for processing. During the whole production process, the screw barrel of the rubber extruder is responsible for the processing of the raw materials, so we know that the role of the screw barrel is to process the raw materials. , it can be said that the screw of the rubber extruder is the core part of the whole equipment.

The processed rubber will generate a forward thrust during the operation of the equipment, and finally, the rubber will form a stable extrusion pressure at the die head of the extruder. The rubber is extruded through the die of the extruder under the action of this pressure. Therefore, the die head of the extruder plays a forming role in the processing of the equipment.

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