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Author: Baina Date: Jul 20, 2020

Fuel Hoses, Rubber Hose Production Line

  Machine with good quality and long lifetime.Rubber hose production line low energy consumption, processing of different properties of the compound rubber.We offers complete line for production of high and low pressure industrial hoses, fuel hoses, rubber hose production line.

  Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all, when you have us by your side for help.Output of the epdm extruder depends on the type (hardness) of the extruded mixture.

  They are only a few handful of products manufactured using extrusion process.Heat mats concurrently are used to vulcanize both the injury channel and repair unit in a single step.

  Long-lasting and performance-oriented are the highlights of our machines.It is made by a team of veteran professionals using top quality materials.Apart from this, remarkable quality and perfect design increase the demand of our offered range in the market.Also, the salt does not cause surface oxidation, and it is easy to clean off with water.

  A heated shearing screw conveyor and a die in which the pressurised rubber is squeezed, providing its shape.Resulting in uneven distribution of heat thus obtaining a uniform vulcanized product is very difficult.