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Author: Baina Date: Apr 08, 2022

How Rubber Extruders Work?

The rubber extruder plays a forming role in the production of rubber products, so we often call it a rubber extrusion machine. So how does the rubber extruder extrude the product into the shape we need? How does the device work?

Before the rubber extruder produces the product, the molding die and die should be designed according to the shape and structure of the product. Then install the die head and mold for forming on the equipment of the type suitable for production. Then we energize the equipment to heat up. We adjust the production temperature of the equipment according to the type of rubber. When the temperature of the screw of the rubber extruder rises to the temperature we need, we can start the equipment and start the feeding system. Filled with rubber.

The rubber is heated and plasticized in the screw barrel, and it is sheared, compressed, and mixed by the screw before being formed at the die head. In the production process, the rubber extruder will generate its own temperature. When the temperature of the equipment is high, the temperature control system will cool down the equipment, so as to ensure the temperature stability of the rubber processing system.

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