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Author: Baina Date: Apr 02, 2022

Temperature Settings for Rubber Extruder

There are many types of plastics that can be produced by plastic extruders, and even plastics of the same type of material are produced at different production temperatures. We need to set the setting temperature of the plastic extruder in combination with the formulation of the product and the degree of plasticization. When we produce products, we must first heat up the screw of the plastic extruder. We set the temperature of each temperature control section of the equipment according to the raw materials.

Generally, when producing products, raw materials are first produced into plastic granules. Then start to heat up the equipment. When the temperature of the equipment is suitable for the plasticization value of the plastic particles, the equipment can be started and filled with particles. After the pellets are processed by the screw of the plastic extruder, they will form the desired product shape at the die head of the plastic extruder.

Finally, the product can be obtained by cooling with water. However, in the production process, the temperature setting of each group of temperature control sections must be adjusted according to the production conditions, and there is no precise value for this. Therefore, when producing plastic products, it is best to find an experienced operator for production.

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