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Author: Baina Date: Aug 21, 2020

How to Perform Maintenacnce On Rubber Curing Ovens?

The rubber curing oven is essential products used in powder coating processes. Any problems with the oven can lead to parts being half baked, or not fully cured. This is where maintenance comes in. By ensuring the oven is maintained on a periodic basis, its performance will always be up to par.

Convection ovens require the most amount of upkeep due to their designs. Components such as burners, blowers, and duct work need periodic maintenance. You need to check the oven’s air balance, components, bearing lubrication, cleanliness, as well as safety devices.

Curing Ovens

Industrial Curing Oven Maintenance Schedule

Ovens can undergo maintenance on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Given below is the weekly maintenance schedule.

Flame Failure Detector: This safety device is designed to prevent any raw fuel from leaking into the oven. If the detector fails, it can lead to an explosion. Always check whether the detector is operational. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.
Igniter and Burner: Check the ignition system and the size of the spark. The spark should be strong enough to ignite the fuel. Ignition wires, spark plugs, transformers, and controls should undergo visual and electrical inspection. The burner should emit a blue flame due to the natural gas. If not, the air gas mixture will need to be adjusted.
Burner Air Filter: Check the air filter to ensure that the burner is getting sufficient air supply for clean combustion. The filter needs to be cleaned and removed of any contaminants, which can dirty the oven.
Burner Motor and Blower Impeller: The blower motor fans need to be cleaned to avoid overheating. Remove any dirt buildup on the housing and cooling fins. The fan impeller needs to be cleaned periodically to keep the blower in good condition, and maintain its efficiency.
Heater Shell Interior: The fire box or heater shell needs to be checked for cleanliness. Any contaminants like soot or dirt needs to be removed from the enclosure prior to using the oven.
Fan Lubrication: Convection ovens consist of exhaust, air-seal, and re-circulation fans. These needs to be lubricated on a weekly basis. A well-oiled bearing will ensure that the part doesn’t wear out prematurely. The fan belts can be adjusted if they are out of place.
Fallen parts: During operation, there is a possibility of components falling off. You can also have hangers becoming loose. These can hamper the oven’s performance when it is being used. When the oven is off, and has cooled down, remove the parts that cannot be restored. Reinstall the parts that have come loose.
These are the various areas of the oven, which need to be examined during the weekly maintenance cycles. Periodic repair and maintenance will ensure that the curing oven can provide expected performance for many years.

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