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Author: Baina Date: Nov 12, 2021

Die Design Of Rubber Extruder Head

The die head of the rubber extruder should be designed according to the specific product. The die head is the molded part of the rubber extruder. During production, the rubber is plasticized and flowed in the barrel, and the screw is subjected to secondary processing. , The rubber raw material is pushed to the die head of the rubber extruder for extrusion molding.

The die pressure of the rubber extruder is constant, and a constant pressure pushes the rubber to the die for forming and extruding when the rubber material is sufficient.

The types of die heads of rubber extruders can be divided into two types: straight die and T die. Direct extrusion products are usually produced by straight die, and for products with entrained parts in the middle, they are all It is produced by compounding with T-die and rubber. If the die heads are classified according to the shape of the product, they can also be divided into flat die heads and round die heads.