Salt Bath Curing Line-Love, Perfect

Update: 19-02-2020

  Over the past 20 years, we has made continuous develo […]

  Over the past 20 years, we has made continuous development in custom-made rubber equipment and adhesive formula technology, and has maintained a leading position in the world of rubber curing oven, of which makes us proud.

  Extruded material is heated evenly and consistently as it travels through the rubber curing oven – no more cold spots. Hot air is also delivered below the transport belt, heating the entire perimeter of the extrusion evenly.

  Our process utilizes a continuous salt bath curing line. Unlike other methods, the extrusion process lends itself well to high volume lineal foot production runs. By using a salt bath curing line, we are not restricted to limited product lengths, such as with an autoclave cure system.

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