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Author: Baina Date: Feb 10, 2020

Introduction To The Working Principle Of Rubber Extruder

There are many rubber products in our lives. The car tires we usually see are made of rubber. Many of the products we usually see are made of rubber. There are many products that can be made by a single move, which is also very common in our lives. Some soles are also made of rubber. When processing rubber, a rubber extruder is required. A rubber extruder is a device for extruding. Now we come to understand the working principle and classification of rubber extruder.
I. Working principle of rubber extruder
The rubber extruder completes all the above processes through a barrel with a screw and a spiral. The plastic pellets enter the barrel through a hopper at one end of the barrel, and then are transferred to the other end of the barrel through a screw. In order to have sufficient pressure, the depth of the thread on the screw decreases as the distance to the hopper increases. The external heating and the internal heat generated by friction between the plastic and the screw provide us with work!
1, plunger type
The extruder originated in the 18th century. The manual piston extruder for seamless lead pipes manufactured by Inger's Joseph Bramah in 1795 is considered to be the world's first extruder. Since then, in the first 50 years of the 19th century, extruders were basically used only in the production of lead pipes, macaroni and other food processing, brick making and ceramics industries.
2, screw type
的 The rubber extruder that appeared in 1870 was a hot-feed extruder. The rubber material fed by it must be hot-melted, and the material supply is uniform, stable, and constant speed, and the material temperature is maintained at 50 to 70 ° C. The screw is short, the thread groove is deep, and the homogenizing effect is not ideal. From the 1970s. At one time, the aspect ratio became smaller. Because the hot-feeding extruder can be continuously extruded, the operation is simple, the production efficiency is high, and the shape of the extruded product is stable, in many products, the hot-feeding extruder is still used. It is used for the extrusion of various treads and various types of rubber in the production of tires, and for the extrusion of rubber and rubber blanks in the production of hoses, cables and other rubber products.
3, ordinary type
The grate cold feed extruder appeared in the 1940s, and was popularized and popularized in the 60s. It became the mainstream of development in the 1980s. By the early 1990s, the products produced by the cold-feed extruder in developed countries such as Europe and the United States accounted for 95% of the total production. Separate screw extruder, baffle screw extruder, cavity screw extruder, transfer mixing extruder, pin screw extruder and multi-channel transfer mixing screw (MCT) extruder, etc. 
Do you know any rubber extruder now? The working principle of rubber extruder is very simple, and the operation is very simple. But need to pay attention to safety, rubber extruders can be divided into many categories can be divided into plunger type, can be divided into screw type and ordinary type. Different rubber extruders work differently and need to be distinguished. Rubber extruders appeared as early as the 18th century. This equipment is widely used in some rubber product manufacturers and can be used to make various rubber products.