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Author: Baina Date: Feb 13, 2020

Rubber Hot Air Oven-Quality First Class

  Hot air ovens are electrical devices which use dry heat to sterilize. Generally, they use a thermostat to control the temperature. Their double walled insulation keeps the heat in and conserves energy, the inner layer being a poor conductor and outer layer being metallic. These are fitted with the adjustable wire mesh plated trays or aluminium trays and may have an on/off rocker switch, as well as indicators and controls for temperature and holding time.

  Once the material reaches the die, the built-up pressure forces the material through the openings, where it will consequently swell to various degrees based on the material compound and hardness.The rubber hot air oven process begins with a rubber compound being fed into an extruder.

  The rubber extruder will begin to carry the rubber forward into the die, with an increase in pressure and temperature occurring as the material gets closer to the die itself.