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Author: Baina Date: Sep 02, 2020

Learn How to Maintenance Rubber Extruder Machine

Few things damage the financial stability of a manufacturing facility more than unexpected downtime. Predictive maintenance aims to get the maximum life out of equipment while minimizing the risk of failure. It ensures that parts are used to the end of their natural life, but risks downtime due to delays in delivery of replacements or additional costs due to higher stock levels.

On average, manufacturers suffer around 30 percent downtime during their scheduled production. In some industries, such as automotive assembly, downtime can cost up to $20,000 per minute (a mind-blowing $1.2 million per hour).

Traditionally, maintenance to rubber extruder machine has been carried out according to a fixed schedule, replacing items at constant intervals. But for all kinds of reasons, parts wear out at different rates, so constant intervals do not take into consideration the varying circumstances of the machine being maintained. Therefore, although general purpose schedules are easy to manage by arranging for spares to be delivered in a predictable manner, they risk wasting money by replacing parts that are still operational.