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Author: Baina Date: Sep 09, 2020

What Are Features of Rubber Extruder Machine?

The rubber extruder machine/Feeder employs a dual drive design for independent control of the feed and extrusion sections which reduces the output variation to less than +/- 5%. Our Feeder can be directly mounted to a side port of the compounding extruder creating a positive feed. The addition of a gear pump to the system can improve the process control to less than 1% variation. The use of custom designed screws is also utilized for further process control. Our extrusion equipment also comes standard with (5) independent temperature control zones. The zones can be run in series or parallel to temper the product to achieve consistent product flow at a desired temperature. Our system can create just the right pressure and temperature to give the manufacturer maximum flexibility for any type of rubber. Finally, our rubber extruder comes in (4) standard sizes 2”, 4”, 6”, and 8” to accommodate many ranges of required output and bale size. The machinery can be further customized to meet other facility constraints such as centerline heights and motor orientations.