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Author: Baina Date: Mar 04, 2020

Our Professional Rubber Hose Production Line

  Microwave systems have long been used for curing paints and coatings.In the process Continuous Vulcanization curing rubber and accelerator is put under high temperature and pressure, this mixture is passed through the continuous heating line during the process.Effective length of vulcanization box is 24m, centrifugal fan circulation.This rubber hose production line is a automatic continuous line with continuous extrusion speed, high automation, safety performance.We offers complete line for production of high and low pressure industrial hoses, fuel hoses, radiator hoses.

  In the middle of each zone with the ventilating device, and removing the emissions generated by the vulcanization process in time in order to ensure the smoothness of the rubber products.The entire rubber hose production line speed is adjustable to match with speed of the extruder.Rubber curing ovens are used for a variety of applications involving coatings.Rubber vulcanizing machine for rubber is an advanced hot-pressing molding equipment for rubber products.Simple and convenient structure, flexible operation,commodious space. The cylinder and plunger are made up of high–quality materials.

  Vulcanizing repair process cures the patch and inner tire lining to form a dense.The sheet extruded by the production line has good plasticizing effect and good air tightness, completely eliminating the defect.It is mainly used for continuous extrusion production of all kinds of thin rubber sheets, such as air impervious liner of radial tire.Once extruded it is immediately cured. Our process utilizes a continuous salt bath cure line.We develop compounds to meet unique and specific requirements.