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Author: Baina Date: Dec 18, 2021

Principle of Rubber Extruder

Principle of rubber extruder:

The rubber material is heated and plasticized in the extruder, and is subjected to strong shear between the screw and barrel, and is continuously transported forward through the rotation of the screw, and then passes through the extrusion die under a certain pressure (also Called die) extrusion to obtain the desired product shape.

Features of rubber extruder:

1. The rubber material is further compounded and plasticized by the rotation of the extruder screw to ensure that the quality of the extruded semi-finished rubber material is more dense and uniform;

2. It has a wide range of applications. By changing the die, it can extrude rubber profiles with various cross-sectional shapes and pre-formed semi-finished products for pressing molds;

3. The extruded products have fast speed and high production efficiency, which is conducive to automated production;

4. Extrusion molding is not limited by length and can meet the needs of ultra-long products that cannot be manufactured by molding due to equipment limitations.

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