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Author: Baina Date: Dec 28, 2021

What are the Uses of Rubber Extruder?

With the continuous economic development, more and more rubber and plastic products appear in people’s daily lives. People are exposed to some rubber and plastic products almost every day, and these rubber and plastic products are made by rubber and plastic machinery. With the continuous development and progress of technology,

Various plastic machinery products continue to appear, and their technical content is getting higher and higher. Next, I will introduce the function and use of rubber extruders, one of the rubber and plastic machinery.

Rubber extruders are used for many purposes, such as doors and windows, cabinet doors, and automobile sealing strips. They are all made with rubber extrusion mechanisms. The types of rubber extruders for different purposes are also different. But its structure and components are basically the same.

The rubber extruder generally used to produce the sealing strip is composed of the mainframe of the rubber extruder, the screw barrel, the reduction transmission system, the temperature control system, and the power system.

The rubber extruder is mainly used for extruding and shaping rubber, which has an important influence on the quality of rubber products. Generally, the aspect ratio of the rubber extruder is different from the screw thread, which is caused by the difference between the rubber characteristics and the required pressure.

Rubber extruders are mostly used to produce sealing strips and rubber hoses. Some large rubber extruders are also used in product shaping and blank production.

There are many functions and uses of rubber extruders, and they play an important role in the production of rubber and plastic products. Today, with advanced technology, rubber extruders are constantly innovating and developing.

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