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Author: Baina Date: Jan 07, 2022

The Difference Between Rubber Extruder and Vulcanizer

Both the rubber extruder and the flat vulcanizer are equipment for processing rubber into the shape of rubber products. The difference lies in the different molding processes of the products and the different production methods of the equipment. Some products can be produced by the extrusion production process, and also can be produced by the die-casting molding process of a plate vulcanizer. However, some products can only be extruded with a rubber extruder, and some products can only be processed and formed by a plate vulcanizing machine. We have to compare which production process has lower production cost and which production efficiency is higher to select the production process.

For example, in the extrusion production of rubber sealing strips, the products are extruded by a rubber extruder and then vulcanized in a hot air vulcanizing box. Finally, after cooling with water, the single-extrusion sealing strips we need can be obtained. This production process can form an automated production line, which can continuously produce the sealing strips we need. The number of finished products and the amount of labor required is many times higher than the advantages of the die-casting production process. However, some products are not suitable for production by the extrusion production process, such as some special-shaped rubber pads, or the production of some rubber pads that cannot be extruded by a rubber extruder. After some products are extruded by a rubber extruder, they need a variety of processing to get the finished product. In that case, the production cost will be much higher than the products produced by the flat vulcanizing machine. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of these two production processes coexist, we need to choose according to the specific product.

In the production process, the rubber extruder is only responsible for the extrusion and molding of the product. After the product is extruded, it needs to go through the vulcanization equipment for final shaping and vulcanization. The plate vulcanizing machine is integrated into the production of molding and vulcanization. It can also be said that the plate vulcanizing machine is produced by the principle that the fluidity of the rubber is increased after the temperature is raised, and then the high-temperature vulcanization can be finalized. When we choose the production equipment of the product, we must make a targeted selection according to the specific product, and choose the production process that is most suitable for our product production.

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