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Author: Baina Date: Oct 07, 2022

Principle of Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

It can be seen from the rubber vulcanization history that when the rubber is under vulcanization, its physical and mechanical properties or comprehensive properties reach the optimum value, and the properties of the rubber compound in the pre-vulcanization or over-vulcanization stage are not good. The shortest time required to reach the positive vulcanization state is the theoretical positive vulcanization time, also known as the positive vulcanization point, and the positive vulcanization is a stage. These performance indicators often do not reach the optimum value at the same time, so the accurate determination and selection of the positive vulcanization point becomes the decisive factor to determine the vulcanization conditions and obtain the best performance of the product.

From the principle of vulcanization reaction kinetics, positive vulcanization should be the vulcanization state when the compound reaches the maximum cross-link density, and the positive vulcanization time should be determined by the time required for the compound to reach the maximum cross-link density. In practical applications, the optimal point is selected according to some main performance indicators (proportional to the crosslinking density), and the positive curing time is determined.

The vulcanometer can continuously measure parameters related to processability and vulcanization, including initial viscosity, minimum viscosity, scorch time, vulcanization rate, positive vulcanization time and activation energy. In fact, what the vulcanizer measures and records is the torque value, which reflects the vulcanization degree of the rubber compound by the magnitude of the torque. proportional. And there is a certain linear relationship between G and torque M.

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