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Author: Baina Date: Oct 14, 2022

How does the Rubber Vulcanizing Machine Work?

Vulcanizing machine is a commonly used mechanical product in the rubber machinery industry. It is suitable for vulcanization and restriction of various rubber and plastic products. Fully automatic rubber vulcanizer is controlled by PLC with computer automatic detection system, user-friendly programming design, can automatically complete mold, forced mold opening, mold transfer, vulcanization timing, exhaust time and frequency setting, front belt flap, mold lift Repeatedly ejecting equipment and other functions; working process cycle, automatic or manual switching, suitable for various rubber model products and non-model products, such as: seals, O-rings, oil seals, rubber pads, thermosetting plastics, foam, resin, building materials and other rubber and plastic products. It is a leading and reliable automatic equipment for rubber and plastic vulcanized products.

①The fully active rubber vulcanizer adopts hydraulic electrical appliances combined with intelligent control, and the vulcanization pressure and vulcanization time can be adjusted; during operation, press the mold closing button, and the high and low pressure oil pumps will start together to complete the mold closing; the machine can automatically stop when the mold is clamped to the vulcanization pressure, and the vulcanization timing is carried out at the same time. When the vulcanization time arrives, it will automatically alarm and complete the mold opening. It has the function of automatic pressure supplementation during the process of maintaining pressure and vulcanization, and has the function of automatic air release at the same time, which can effectively improve the quality of the joint.

②The equipment adopts the column structure;

③The equipment adopts the upper injection pressure structure, and the glue injection cylinder provides a strong glue injection pressure of 80Mpa, which is beneficial to improve the production efficiency and joint quality.

④Through the new and improved hydraulic system, the complicated control pipeline is eliminated, the leakage of the pipeline system is avoided, and the pressure maintaining function of the equipment is much better than that of similar products in the same industry, which provides a strong guarantee for you to improve the product qualification rate. Through the improvement of the oil cylinder sealing structure, the anti-leakage function has been greatly improved. According to its reliability, the sealing ring is no longer classified as a wearing part, and we also promise a one-year warranty (due to technical problems, other manufacturers can only be used as wearing parts) deal with);

⑤All electrical equipments are controlled by PLC + text display, and the main electrical equipments are selected with new specifications and models of Delixi brand, and never use other brands or old-fashioned screening components;

The above is the basic description of how the automatic rubber vulcanizing machine works, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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