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Author: Baina Date: Oct 21, 2022

When is the Right Time to Change the Oil of the Rubber Vulcanizing Machine?

The rubber vulcanizer is suitable for pressing all kinds of molded products. It has a PLC-controlled computer automatic detection system and humanized programming design, which can automatically complete mold clamping, forced mold opening, mold shifting, vulcanization timing, exhaust time and frequency setting, Front belt and other functions. Multiple ejection devices for overturning, mold lifting, etc.; workflow cycle, automatic or manual switching, suitable for all kinds of rubber model products and non-model products, such as seals, O-rings, oil seals, rubber gaskets, thermosetting plastics, foam plastics. It is an advanced and reliable automatic equipment for rubber and plastic vulcanization products.

The rubber vulcanizer needs to be changed after running for a period of time. The oil change depends on the degree of contamination of the oil. However, how to grasp the oil change time is also a problem. In fact, there are mainly three methods.

1. Visual oil change method. It is based on the experience of the maintenance personnel and some visual changes in the regular state of the oil - such as oil turning black, smelly, milky, etc., to decide whether to change the oil. This method depends on the accumulated experience of the actual operator.

2. Sampling and measurement. The oil in the vulcanizer should be regularly sampled and tested. The measured items (such as viscosity, acid value, moisture, particle size and content, corrosion, etc.) and indicators should be compared according to the actual measured value of oil quality and the specified oil deterioration standard to determine whether the oil should be replaced. Sampling time: The hydraulic system of general construction machinery should be sampled one week before the oil change cycle. For the hydraulic system of key equipment such as roadheaders, a sampling test is carried out every 500 hours, and the test results are filled in the equipment technical file. The sampling test method is suitable for key equipment and large hydraulic equipment.

3. Regular oil change method. According to the environmental conditions and working conditions of the site where the equipment is located, as well as the oil change interval of the oil used, the replacement is due. This method is very suitable for enterprises with more hydraulic equipment.

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