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Author: Baina Date: Feb 26, 2020

Safe And Secure - Salt Bath Curing Line

  Salt bath curing line is a liquid curing method , a common continuous vulcanization method. The entire production line includes the vulcanizing conveyor, cooling and washing unit, traction, cutting and winding device.Automatic brine circulation system avoids environmental pollution caused by waste water.

  salt bath curing line is a widely used liquid curing method to harden rubber. Once lengths of rubber are forced through a die into a desired shape, the product needs to be hardened and cured.Its prominent feature is that the waste salt produced after the initial purification of the adhesive strip is very low.

  It is made by a team of veteran professionals using top quality materials, following the norms and guidelines.Rubber extrusion production line make a wide range of shapes and products that are invaluable in everyday home life, such as rubber trim, weather-stripping.Our ability to design and cut dies, and reverse engineer products for our clients makes us an unparalleled choice in the extrusion and fabrication market.

  In contrast, Microwave curing oven uniform volumetric heating. Heat is transferred electromagnetically and distributed evenly and quickly throughout a part, enabling better temperature control and resulting in shorter cure cycles.