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Author: Baina Date: Nov 10, 2023

The Evolution of Rubber Extrusion: 90mm 16D/20D Machines Redefining Efficiency

Rubber extrusion has long been an essential process in various industries, from automotive to construction, owing to its versatility and the indispensable role it plays in shaping rubber into useful products. The development of extrusion machinery has been pivotal in meeting the growing demands of these industries.

Before we delve into the advancements of the 90mm 16D/20D rubber extrusion machine, let's take a moment to understand the basics of rubber extrusion. This process involves forcing raw rubber material through a die, which imparts the desired shape and dimensions to the extruded product. The die serves as a mold, and the rubber, typically in the form of strips, pellets, or sheets, is heated and softened before being pushed through the die. The extruded rubber product is then cooled and cut to the desired length.

The Evolution of Rubber Extrusion Machines

Rubber extrusion machines have come a long way since their inception. Early extruders were simple, manually operated machines that were limited in their capabilities. Over time, technological advancements have revolutionized the rubber extrusion process. The development of the 90mm 16D/20D rubber extrusion machine is a significant milestone in this evolution.

Precision and Consistency

One of the most notable advancements with the 90mm 16D/20D machine is its ability to provide high precision and consistency. This level of accuracy is crucial in industries where tight tolerances are required, such as in automotive manufacturing, where rubber seals and gaskets must fit perfectly to ensure safety and performance. The 90mm 16D/20D machine can maintain these tolerances over long production runs, reducing the need for rework and reducing material waste.


Enhanced Productivity

Efficiency is a driving force behind the development of the 90mm 16D/20D rubber extrusion machine. Its increased throughput and improved cooling systems enable higher production rates. This means that manufacturers can meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market without compromising on quality. With these machines, the production process is not only faster but also more cost-effective, as less energy and labor are required per unit produced.

Energy Efficiency

In today's world, sustainability and energy efficiency are crucial considerations in industrial processes. The 90mm 16D/20D machine has been designed with these principles in mind. It utilizes advanced heating and cooling systems that reduce energy consumption while maintaining consistent product quality. This not only benefits the environment but also contributes to significant cost savings for manufacturers in the long run.


The 90mm 16D/20D rubber extrusion machine is highly versatile, and capable of handling a wide range of rubber compounds, from natural rubber to synthetic polymers. This versatility is essential for industries that require diverse rubber products, as it eliminates the need for multiple extrusion machines, saving space and reducing capital expenses.

Operator-Friendly Features

Modern rubber extrusion machines are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and automation options, making them easier to operate and maintain. The 90mm 16D/20D machine is no exception. These user-friendly features not only reduce the risk of human error but also make training new operators more straightforward, contributing to a more efficient and productive operation.

Applications of the 90mm 16D/20D Rubber Extrusion Machine

The 90mm 16D/20D rubber extrusion machine has found applications in various industries, including:

Automotive: In the automotive sector, these machines are used to produce rubber seals, gaskets, and profiles for doors, windows, and engines. The precision and consistency of the 90mm 16D/20D machine are invaluable in ensuring the safety and functionality of vehicles.

Construction: Rubber extrusion is essential in construction for manufacturing seals, gaskets, and weatherstripping for doors and windows. The efficiency and high productivity of these machines support the construction industry's demand for durable, weather-resistant rubber products.

Medical: Rubber extrusion plays a crucial role in the medical field, where it is used to manufacture tubing, gaskets, and seals for medical devices and equipment. The precision and hygiene of the 90mm 16D/20D machine are especially valuable in this sector.

Aerospace: The aerospace industry relies on rubber extrusion for creating seals, gaskets, and profiles used in aircraft components. The precision and consistency of the 90mm 16D/20D machine are vital for maintaining the safety and reliability of aerospace products.

Consumer Goods: Rubber extrusion machines are used to create a wide range of consumer goods, from industrial hoses to sporting equipment. The versatility of the 90mm 16D/20D machine ensures that manufacturers can adapt to changing consumer demands quickly.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations in rubber extrusion machinery, leading to even greater efficiency, sustainability, and versatility. The 90mm 16D/20D machine is a testament to the potential for progress in this industry, and its impact is felt far and wide, shaping the products that we use in our daily lives.